WOW 2020 has made some huge changes in the world and that has translated to Jericho just the same! 

One of the things Jericho is well known for is our Ultimate Experience Summer Camp and we wanted to make sure that did not change simply because we are staying home more this summer. As a result, we are launching our first ever Virtual Summer Camp! 

Virtual Summer Camp sounds so different from what we are used to, but be sure that we are jumping into the Virtual world with as much excitement as we do to our Ultimate Experience Summer Camp. We have created our Virtual Summer Camp specifically for our young leaders, to provide them with the ability to learn, grow and connect together with us. 

Virtual Summer Camp is designed to cover the features we know our campers love about summer camp AND all the things they need to know about being a young leader. We have challenges, personal growth workshops, space for connecting and sharing, and guest speakers to share their own personal leadership experiences. Our campers will develop skills to lead others and acquire the ability to lead themselves. We have a camp expert in our camp counselor and a newbie to bring fresh eyes to what camp will look like. 

Leadership summer camps help youth discover a more positive and open attitude towards new and unknown experiences. They confront their fears through trying new things. Youth learn how to strive to do their personal best, to be true to themselves and how to make a positive difference in their schools, clubs and communities. They grow in self confidence by interacting with other young leaders and working with them in small groups, while being mentored.

We would like your feedback and input along the way, we need your thoughts about camp at each turn so that we can create a great leadership camp for our youth! 

Be sure to register for our Virtual Summer Camp because spots are limited and we expect for them to all fill up! 


We are on YOUTUBE! - Wednesday, July 15, 2020

When we decide to do something we jump in like all kids at a swimming pool - full cannonball into the deep end! The same action is what we did when we went digital. This included website changes, social media updates and Virtual Summer Camp and YOUTUBE
Yup, you read that right, we are on youtube. Our Youtube channel has been created for our crafty kids. You can find lots of crafts and activities that can be done easily with many of the supplies that most families have at home. 
We have kept our videos short and informative so your kids learn, know all the key steps for the crafts while not losing focus! We know your kids are busy and we wanted to help relieve some of that busy with our crafty videos! 
We post a few times a week, so be sure to subscribe to our channel and like the videos you and your kids enjoy! 

Say Hi to our Camp staff! - Friday, July 10, 2020