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Safety First at Jericho - Thursday, August 6, 2020

At Jericho, we are conscious of the fact that socialization, recreation and play with friends are vital to the lives of children and youth. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the COVID-19 Pandemic, the young people in our community were faced with a sudden halt to school, sports, and Jericho After School Programs. We knew that it would be difficult to take a break, but we started planning right away for how we can make our programs extra safe for participants' return! 
Starting with our brand new Georgina Island Summer Camp, we have put the following procedures in place to help keep everyone safe: 
Social Distancing 
  • When possible we ensure social distancing, creating lots of extra tables to allow for enough space for crafts and activities, not to mention when we are eating. 
Increased Sanitizing of our Space 
  • We ensure that our program spaces are kept clean and sanitized at all times and do an extra cleaning around snack time and on high contact areas (such as railings, doorknobs, bathroom spaces and more) 
Hand Washing 
  • Washing our hands between dirty activities has always been our practice but now more than ever, we ensure that everyone is doing the best hand wash possible. Hand sanitizer is available from each staff and at the exit and entrance of our space. 
Play Space is Kids ONLY 
  • Parents are not allowed in the play spaces - in order to decrease unnecessary contact. 
Health Checks 
  • Our staff and campers receive a health check daily. Health checks include questionnaire and temperature screening. 
  • Our staff are provided with PPE to use in situations where they cannot socially distance 
 Communication and Policies 
  • We have updated our person program policies which parents are required to sign off to prior to the first day of camp or programming. Additionally ensuring our parents are fully aware of updates and changes is at top priority 
We know these changes can be overwhelming and sometimes confusing, but it is done to ensure the safety of our Jericho community. This summer we have had the please to be able to implement these new practices with success at our Georgina Island Camp. With its small size we have had the great opportunity for us to make amendments to ourCOVID-19 Safety Protocols for use at our fall programming. We are proud of how successful we have been in keeping everyone happy and healthy, and cannot wait to continue into the school year. 

Why We Love Camp - Monday, June 8, 2020

Camp season might be the best time of the year - sun shining, no school, trips and all our Jericho friends in one place! What could be better than that? We think very little - which is why we decided to create a list of the 5 things we love most about camp - from campers and staff alike. 

1. New and Old Friends 
One of the best things about camp is that each week there are new friends that come together and within only a few days we are all best friends. 
2. Trying New Things  

Camp is filled with new things, from trips to creative art projects to adventures. Every day there is something new to try with so many amazing people. Camp is a safe environment where kids can try new things, learn new skills, gain confidence and work as a team to accomplish amazing things. 

3. Independence  

Camp is a place where kids can develop who they are and grow more independent. They can manage choices and decisions in a safe, nurturing environment and develop new interests. They can explore their own identities and develop a deeper sense of self.  We love to see how over the summer our campers become so independent. 

4. The Camp Leaders  

From the Leaders in Training to the Camp Counselors we have the best camp leaders anyone could ask for. Each person on the team is there to have fun and learn together. We love that our camp counselors and LITs are always taking part in each and every activity that happens at camp. 

5. The Memories  

The memories that come from the Ultimate Summer Camp are ones that will last with you for years to come. From water fights with counselors and amazing field trips, to your new best friend, the memories you make at camp will last through the coldest days in February for years to come. 


If you haven't registered for summer camp this is the perfect time to do so. With all the amazing things that happen at camp it’s no wonder we look forward to it all year long!