Special Events

One of the best parts about being a local Charity is that we have the ability to make a real connection to our community. As a result we have the pleasure of not only getting to hold special events but take part in special events within our community. 

Sometimes these special events look like fundraisers we put on to ensure that we are able to continue to service the youth of Georgina. Other times our special events are taking part in local events within the community, everything from Georgina Comic Con to Painted Perch to One Car Show. On rare occasions our special events look like filling additional needs within our community. 


Fun and Food Bag Program - Monday, July 20, 2020

During the spring of 2020 we started our first ever Fun and Food Bag program. This was one of the first major changes that Jericho did during the Global Pandemic of COVID 19. We looked at the community we normally served through our afterschool programs and we needed to find a new way to serve and connect. Which developed the Fun and Food Bags. 

The idea was fairly simple, provide our community with some food staples and child friendly activities to keep families connected through a fairly scary time. We had the pleasure of partnering with Canada Helps to make this project happen. For the first few weeks for every dollar our community donated Canada Helps matched, as a result we were able to do much more than we expected. 

Due to the generosity of our local partners and Canada Helps we were able to have our program last for ten weeks. Where we fed twenty three families every two weeks and provided activities for more than forty children within Georgina. We know that these food bags were not the perfect solution to families struggling due to COVID, however they were a small part in adding relief in a difficult time. 

This program was incredibly successful and rewarding for us to be able to put together. Fun and Food bags did more than provide activities to Georgina Youth, it connected us together. It highlighted both the strength and generosity of our small rural community. So this is our Thank you, thank you Georgina for standing together while we had to stay physically distant.