Parent Handbook

Dear Parents and Guardians  

We believe that it is best to provide parents with insight to our policies and procedures by way of our parent handbook. Please use this guide to learn a little more about Jericho Youth Service's After School Programs during the school year. Please take the time to review the handbook throughout the year as an information resource. Jericho Youth Services believe that recreational programs and sports provide your child with the opportunity for healthy growth and development.

To ensure the programs are of the highest quality, we incorporate the HIGH FIVE® Principles of Healthy Child Development into all program designs, and all our staff go through the HIGH FIVE training process. HIGH FIVE highlights the following five areas of development: 


Supervisors & Program Leaders 

A caring leader is an essential component in ensuring a positive experience for your child. You will take comfort in knowing that all Jericho After School Programs are run by A Program Supervisor who looks after the day to day functioning of each program. Our Program Leaders work with the Supervisors to ensure a fun and engaging program. Our Program Leaders often run the different games, activities and experiments that happen at program, you can see them playing alongside your children. 

In addition to the HIGH FIVE® training, all of our program staff hold a current Standard First Aid CPR Certificate and we provide an extensive training program which include topics such as program planning, understanding child behaviour, problem solving, planning special events, working with children who have special needs, emergency procedures as well as practical experience leading games, crafts and singsongs. 

Supervision Ratios

Our staff/child ratios reflect our commitment to safety and high quality program supervision. Our after school programs operate with a maximum ratio of one leader to every 10 children (1:10). We do this to ensure that our staff can connect on a meaningful level with each child. In some cases, ratios are supported with our volunteers, all of whom have completed the volunteer screening process in accordance with the Jericho Youth Services Policy. 

Concerns and Suggestions

If you have any concerns or suggestions regarding any aspect of our program throughout the year, please do not hesitate to talk to the Program Supervisor. They are responsible for the direct supervision of all participants and staff as well as handling any concerns or questions parents/guardians may have. Your second point of contact for any suggestions or concerns is the Program Coordinator Chantelle Oosterhuis at 905 722 5540 ext 5518, who is responsible for the operation of all our program locations. 

Safe Departure

The safety and well-being of all children participating in Jericho’s after school programs is of utmost importance to us. Parents/guardians or their designate are required to personally pick up their child from the program.  It is essential that you speak or connect with a Jericho staff upon pick up to ensure the safety of each child. 


Authorized Drop off/Pick up and Emergency Contacts

At the time of registration, you will be asked to provide the names and contact information including telephone numbers and addresses of any adults 16 years of age or older that you authorize to drop off/pick up your child or come to the program in the event that you cannot be contacted when your child is ill or has been involved in an emergency.  If you require an alternate person to pick up your child who is not on the list, please provide this information in writing (email) to the Jericho staff. Any new visitors to Jericho who come to pick up a child will be asked to provide photo identification.


Unknown Person Pickup 

Should an unknown person come to program to pick up a child which the staff is unaware of there will be a reference to the file on record. Should the person not be listed on the participants file, Jericho staff will attempt to contact the parents and/or emergency contact on file for the participant. Should the staff be unsuccessful the Jericho staff will proceed to contacting the police. To ensure the safety of the child is the top priority. 

Should these events take place the Jericho supervisor and program leads will work in partnership to communicate with the Program Coordinator to ensure all attempts were made to reach the parent, guardian and emergency contacts, prior to contacting the police. 

Prompt Pick Up Time

Parents or guardians are expected to respect the end time of the program when picking up their children from our After School programs. If you are running late, please arrange for another authorized adult to pick up your child. You must provide consent for another adult to pick up your child from the program, and the authorized adult must be prepared to show photo ID.

Late Pickup Procedure 

Jericho Programs close at between 5:15 and 5:45pm, depending on location. Families/caregivers are asked to ensure they are able to plan sufficient time to collect their child and collect all their child’s belongings and speak to Jericho staff and leave program by the end time. If a parent/caregiver are aware they will be late they are required to contact the supervisor of the program to inform them of such lateness. All late pick ups are subjected to a required charge of $10.00 per fifteen minutes following the end of program. Invoices will be provided at the end of each week for any late charges. 

Jericho thanks all families for their assistance in ensuring the effective and successful operations of our Programs. 


If Your Child is Unable to Attend

It is important for us to know if your child is unable to attend our after school program. Please send a note with your child (in advance if possible) so we can plan accordingly and advise his/her supervisor not to expect them. If your child is ill, please call the Jericho Youth Services office at 905 722 5540 ext 5519 to advise us that they will not be attending. We will inform the location Supervisor immediately. Please do not send your child to program when they are sick. If your child is not able to fully participate in the program due to health reasons (i.e. flu) you will be called to come pick them up. 


Participant’s Safety

Jericho staff members are trained to inspect each site daily for any potential hazards. Activities and games are planned with participant’s safety in mind and are always watched to ensure that safety standards are maintained. All program sites have access to a telephone and all programs have a First Aid Kit.  Staff holds current First Aid Certifications. In the event of a minor injury to your child – scraped knee etc., staff will apply basic first aid by cleaning the wound and applying a bandage. In the unlikely event of serious injury to your child, emergency services will be called immediately to respond to the situation. You will be contacted immediately with information regarding the incident. If an ambulance is required to transport your child to the hospital, a member of our staff will accompany your child. 

Program Plans 

Our Program Supervisors develop monthly program plans which are designed in collaboration with our participants to ensure that we are developing activities and programs which your children want to take part in. Should you have any questions or suggestions regarding these plans, please see the Supervisor or Program Leaders at the location. 

Lost and Found

Each program location will have a lost and found box. Please check the box regularly to see if anything belongs to your child. Please put your child’s name on all of their belongings to assist us in finding the rightful owner. Any items not claimed by the end of a month will be donated to charity. 

Extreme Weather & Snow Days 

During extreme weather conditions, advisories or alerts, (heat, smog, wind chill ect.) the Jericho staff will follow the guidelines of the local health department. Our first priority is to keep the children safe from serious adverse health effects such as frostbite and sunburn. Jericho staff will adjust the amount of time spent outdoors or provide an alternative indoor plan. When the school buses are cancelled, our programs will be cancelled for that day. 

Behaviour Management Policy

We believe that positive program experiences strengthen and builds each child’s self-esteem. Jericho staff members are dedicated to providing your child with a creative and innovative day at program which will keep them involved and engaged. Any behaviour which does not contribute to the well being of all participants will be addressed directly by program staff. 

We understand that each child brings different experiences to program and therefore on occasion may not handle each part of program in a positive way. Which is why our staff is committed to working with participants to ensure they are able to explain how to feel and why they reacted in such a way. Our staff knows that the best way to address unwelcome behaviour is by talking with the child and appropriate consequences when necessary. As a result we follow the following processes when addressing conflict: 


a. Our staff will ensure the safety of all involved, by removing any additional equipment or people from the situation

b. our staff will work to get on the same level of the child to have a conversation, to get to the root of the problem 

c. The staff will work with the child to be able to express their feelings and facilitate any apologies should they be necessary 

d. The staff will work with the child to explain any consequences that may be required (sitting out of the next game, last to line up for snack ect) 

e. finally the staff will complete an incident report should it be necessary to explain the event for our record keeping 


The Jericho staff is committed to speaking with the parents of those involved in an incident.  We do this to ensure that you are aware of what has occurred for your child at program. We are committed to ensuring you are aware of what has happened in your child's experience. Any feedback and opinions around other children is asked to be kept to yourself, or brought directly to the Program Coordinator. 


Should the behaviour continue following conversations with both the child and parent the Jericho staff will be required to implement our three strike process: 


Strike one: One day off program 

Strike two: One week off program 

Strike three: removal program 


Based on the severity of an incident, a participant may be withdrawn from the program without the strike policy. We do not enact these measures lightly therefore you will receive communication from both the program Supervisor along with the Program Coordinator. 


Friendship Act 

Jericho Youth Services has a set of guidelines that all children at our programs are required to follow, called the Friendship Act. Supervisors and Jericho staff members will go over the Friendship Act with the group the first week of programs and when needed. These are posted at all of our programs for parents/guardian and children to see. 


If your child requires medication during the program, a Schedule Medication Dispensing form must be completed. These forms are available from the Supervisor at the program location. Only medications prescribed by a physician will be considered for administration by our staff. Medication must be stored in its original container with appropriate dosage and directions for administration on the label.

All medication must be signed into the care of the Supervisor by the parent or guardian. The medication will be secured in a lock box and will be signed back into the care of the parent or guardian at the end of the day or week as requested. Medication such as epi-pens and asthma puffers will be carried by the supervisor or carried by the participant if indicated on the Schedule Medication Dispensing form by the parent or guardian. Staff cannot administer medication but will supervise participants capable of administering their own. In case of a life threatening situation where the participant is unable to administer medication such as an epi-pen or asthma inhalers, staff will assist. 

Children with Special Needs 

If your child has a special need or health condition we ask for your help in letting us know well before the first day of program. Please contact us at 905 722 5540 to discuss how we can best provide the support your child needs.

Jericho does offer an Inclusion Facilitator for children that require support.  Inclusion Facilitators will work with all children with special needs at the program to ensure they are integrated into the daily program. It is the responsibility of all program staff to work with the Inclusion Facilitator to make the program experience the best it can be for all participants. Our Inclusion Facilitators are there as a support, however do not work one-on-one with any one child. 

Preparing your Child for our programs 


What to Bring 

Your child should bring the following each day: in door and out door shoes, appropriate outdoor clothing, extra drinks (water, water, water) in a backpack, with the participants’ name on it!



The Jericho staff are not responsible for any money or valuables brought to program. We strongly discourage participants from bringing any electronic devices (i.e. video games, iPods, cell phones, cameras, etc) and money. If a participant does bring any of these things to program, they will be asked to put them away. 


Jericho will provide a healthy, nutritious snack every day of program. As part of our attention to the participants’ safety, we have regular water breaks, so please pack a water bottle. Due to the number of nut related allergies of our participants and staff, peanut butter, nuts and foods that contain nut by-products will not be allowed at program. We ask that any leftover lunch of personal snacks are not consumed at program to allow for all participants to be eating the same food. 

Program Evaluations

We care about what you think of our programs and we are always open to suggestions. Program Evaluation forms will be distributed to all parents. Please complete the form and return to the supervisor or emailed to the Program Coordinator. Your assistance in completing the evaluation will help us to fine tune and to plan for next year.


Parents of participants must complete all forms as required. 

Parent Handbook

  After School Parent Handbook
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