Pre-Teen Dance Code of Conduct  

Jericho Youth Services Staff are committed to creating a safe and fun Pre-Teen Dance experience for you. We want to ensure that all those who attend feel welcome and are able to enjoy their experience dancing, chatting and connecting with their friends!

What to expect at the Dance 

You can expect to be treated with respect by all members of the Jericho Staff at all times. There will be youth from throughout Georgina between grade 5 and grade 8 in attendance, allowing you the ability to connect with your peers from different schools. You will enjoy the dance experience free from disruptive behaviour including foul or abusive language. 


During the dances there will be a variety of music from many different musical genres. Jericho staff does their best to ensure all music is appropriate and void of course language. Should you want to hear specific songs at the dance we encourage you to connect with us on Facebook or Instagram to give us your suggestions! 

Bags at the Dance 

Each and every bag, purse, backpack or otherwise will be checked by both a security member and a Jericho Staff member. It is expected that you are not bringing in any outside food or drink, weapons, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, vape or lighter. For those who do choose to bring a bag with them into the dance we do offer a coat check where bags and jackets are able to be stored during the dance. We encourage those in attendance to leave any unneeded / valuable items at home, as Jericho is not responsible for any lost or stolen items. 



While attending Jericho Pre-Teen dances we expect that all in attendance will behave in a respectful manner to staff, property and others in attendance. The Jericho Staff and Security offices are in attendance to ensure you remain safe from any harm and we ask that you treat the team with respect and report any incidents to them should there be any issues. Any threatening, swearing trash talk, fighting - play or otherwise, bullying or other forms of inappropriate behaviour will be addressed by the Jericho Staff and security officers accordingly. As we rent the space from the Town of Georgina we expect that all in attendance work to leave the space as it was when they arrived. Finally we expect that you treat those in attendance with respect and as you wish to be treated.

Should you break the rules set out in Jericho’s code of conduct parents will be notified. Parents will be held accountable for any damages that their child creates to the Town of Georgina or Jericho property. The Jericho Staff has the right to ban any pre-teen from the dance for the remainder of the year should they not follow the rules set out. 

Pick up and Drop off

The dance begins at 7:00pm, at which point we will allow pre-teens in to dance and socialize. We ask that you drop your child off at such time, dropping them off early does not ensure early entry as we require all to stay outside the building until seven to ensure set up in complete. Parents are welcome to pick their children up early should they wish, we ask that you communicate that with your child prior to arrival as we do not encourage parents to wander around during the dance. Should you pick up your child they will not be permitted back into the dance, as we do not allow in and out privileges. Pick up time is between 9:45pm and 10:00pm, as the dance is over at 10:00pm. Pre-teens are not welcome to walk, or bike home, they must be picked up by a parent or guardian, should there be no pick up we will be required to call York Regional Police along with Children’s Aid Society to ensure that all attendees are home safely.