Preteen Code of Conduct

Jericho Youth Services and the Preteen Dance Staff are committed to creating a safe and enjoyable Preteen Dance experience for you.

You have a right to expect that 

  • You will be treated in a consistent and courteous manner by all Jericho Youth Services Staff at all time
  • You will enjoy the dance experience free from disruptive behaviour, including foul or abusive language and/or gestures
  • If you do not follow the Code of Conduct your parents will be called and you will be removed from the dance immediately, at the discretion of the Jericho Staff you may be banned for the rest of the year 

 Jericho Youth Services and Staff have a right to expect that you will: 

  • Respect, and follow the direction of the Jericho Youth Services Staff and Security Guards at all times
  • Respect Jericho Youth Services and Town of Georgina property. Acts of vandalism or theft will be dealt with immediately 
  • Not have on your person any type of weapon/toy weapon, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, e-cigarettes or lights
  • Not use threatening, swearing, trash talk, play fighting, fighting, bullying, and/or other inappropriate behaviour 
  • Not engage in moshing, break-dancing, handstands, running, pushing and shoving or sitting/laying on the dance floor 
  • Dance in an appropriate manner respecting yourself and others  

We thank you for adhering to this Code of Conduct and hope you enjoy the Preteen Dance, in a Fun and Safe Environment.