The vision of Jericho Youth Services is to develop and empower our youth to become engaged and caring citizens of the community. This vision does not stop with the children and youth we serve in our programs, we believe that becoming an intern, placement or co-op student with Jericho can create a lasting impact on the young adults of our community. As a community-driven organization, we want to see growth and development happen in all sectors of our community. We want to be able to work with you to provide you with skills and learning, that will positively change your life. 
An Internship, or Co-op placement with Jericho Youth Services will give you real life experience in the Not-for-Profit Sector, working with Youth and Children in a Recreational Settings, and provide you with insight into how our organization functions. Responsibilities as an Intern or Co-op student vary with each student, as we want to ensure you have an unique experience filling both the needs of our programs and your personal goals! 
If you are looking to set up an internship or co-op placement please contact Chantelle Oosterhuis at 


How to Be the Best Co-op Student - Friday, July 10, 2020

Being a co-op student or having an internship, is one of the best learning experiences you can have! However, it can also be scary and nerve racking to start working at a place you have never been before, with practices you don’t know. So we have put together a list of some of the best tips we have to ensure your co-op placement or internship is the best possible! 

Professionalism is Key

Placements and Internships are not like any other jobs you have had before. These placements are the place where you learn what it is like to be in your chosen profession, so the first tip is to always be professional. What you can do as a seasoned employee at your part time job will not always fly within the professional world. Professionalism breaks down to a few simple things: 

      1. Start on time! Stick to being on time to show you take your work seriously
      2. Dress appropriately - say goodbye to your ripped jeans and baseball caps and hello to comfortable shoes and dress shirts 
      3. Positive appropriate language  

Be willing to Learn 

School is teaching you so many things about your chosen career; everything from how to plan events to what is the best way to ensure donors hear your needs. But work is where you take that learning and apply it to real life events. This might mean you make mistakes or stumble along the way.  Don’t let these mistakes stop you from learning from those already in the field! 


Taking part in a placement means you will be responsible for tasks and work within the office. Taking responsibility and initiative for your work is how you will learn more AND how you will succeed. 

Be Open and Enthusiastic

When you open yourself up to new experiences and everything that your placement has to offer, you will grow and learn and make a lasting impact. Be open to creating new relationships, learning to be a dependable team player and produce work that is excellent and on time.  Be curious and not afraid to ask questions!

Placements are some of the best parts of school, and we know you will love it when you follow these simple steps for success!