Volunteering at Jericho

Volunteers at Jericho Youth Services programs are vital to our operations. Without volunteers we would not be able to have lasting impacts on the lives of the youth in Georgina. As a Jericho volunteer we want to use your skills and expertise to continue to make unique and engaging programs for all.  When volunteering you can hold a variety of responsibilities and participate in a number of difficult activities including but not limited to overseeing activities, participating in programming, facilitating unique programs, participating in special events and many more. 

What is expected of you as a Jericho Youth Services Volunteer:

  • Act professionally during your time as a volunteer
  • Dress appropriately (Jericho T-Shirt, comfortable athletic wear, running shoes, etc.)
  • No electronic use while at program (cell phone, tablet, laptop, etc.)
  • Use appropriate positive language
  • Take on responsibilities and execute them successfully
  • Responsibility of tracking hours via the Volunteer Hour Log
  • Abide by the Jericho Youth Services Volunteer Code of Conduct
  • Stay within the limits of confidentiality as it relates to Jericho Youth Services

What you will receive as a volunteer with Jericho:

  • Leadership skills and opportunities
  • Experience managing both children and youth
  • Experience facilitating  group activities
  • Programing planning opportunities and development
  • Increased leadership, teambuilding, and initiative skills
  • A rewarding sense of giving back to the community
  • Resources and skills for university and college applications
  • Opportunity to have fun in a Child and Youth Recreation setting

 If you are looking to set up an internship or co-op placement please connect with our Program Coordinator: Jessica Kearney