Volunteers at Jericho Youth Services programs are vital to our operations. Without volunteers we would not be able to have lasting impact on the lives of the youth in Georgina. As Jericho volunteer we want to use your skills and expertise to continue to make unique and engaging programs for all. When volunteering you can hold a variety of responsibilities and participate in a number of difficult activities including but not limited to overseeing activities, participating in programming, facilitating unique programs, participating in special events and many more. 
  If you are looking to set up an internship or co-op placement please connect with Chantelle Oosterhuis chantelle.oosterhuis@jerichoys.org 

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Why Volunteer with Jericho - Tuesday, June 9, 2020

There are so many great reasons to begin your volunteer experience with Jericho Youth Services and we are here to tell you why! 

Volunteering is a wonderful way to build relationships, give back and learn. We know that people volunteer with organizations for a variety of reasons and we would like to ensure that for whatever your reasons are, we are able to ensure you have a valuable experience. 

When you volunteer with Jericho you have the ability to make lasting positive impressions in the lives of Georgina Youth. Jericho services a wide variety of youth throughout our community, some of whom need some extra positive role models in their lives and you can be that person. Being this positive role model can be done in so many different ways, from volunteering at summer camps and our Afterschool programs to our Special Events. Each of these avenues have the ability for you to connect with a child in our community and change their life for the better. 

We also believe in ensuring our volunteers learn something while they are with us. We know that many people who come to volunteer with Jericho are looking into careers in Youth Services, Recreations, Event planning, Education and more therefore we’d like to be a part of your growth and development. We would like to help give you the skills you will need to be able to confidently walk into college or university and go after the life you want. 

Jericho feels so lucky to see the success of our volunteers! We love to see volunteers building beautiful relationships, making a lasting impact, giving back to the Georgina community we love so much and learning new skills. If you are ready to take part in what we do and change your life then email us (jessica.kearney@jerichoys.org)!