Jericho Youth Services would not be possible without the support of our funders and community partners. We know that without these partnerships we would not be able to continue working toward our mission to develop and empower our youth to become engaged and caring citizens in their community. 
United Way Greater Toronto Area is our longest funding partner. United Way has been a funder for Jericho since 1986. Throughout this time we have been able to serve many children and youth and supporting their families. Currently United Way contributes to two After School programs as well as finding a Closer Look. A community development initiative which is currently undertaking research to help better understand the needs of low income residents of Georgina. The goal is to support Georgina residents in creating positive changes in their communities. 
The Town of Georgina is our newest funder, and has been contributing to our success since March 2019. As a result they have been able to add to our reach within Georgina. The Town of Georgina currently funds our Black River and OLL After School program and adds an additional team member to address accessibility for another program. 
Ontario Ministry of Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture Industries is our Government funding partner. The mandate of the Ministry assist us in promoting active lifestyle and participation in sport and recreation and physical activities. Ontario Ministry of Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture Industries funds our Deer Park After School program and is a contributing funder to our Morning Glory After School Program.  
Newmarket Charitable Gaming Association (Newmarket World Bingo) and Georgina Bingo are both partners that support the success for our free programs. They allow us to ensure that our programs are accessible to our community while maintaining high quality of care. 
Canadian Tire Jumpstart assists kids in need, a chance to play is about more than just getting active. It's a chance to boost their self esteem. A change to nurture their creativity and help them do better in school. It's a chance to connect them to their communities, so they can be part of something bigger. Jericho has been the chapter representative in Georgina for many years. As most of our programs are free of charge, Jumpstart funds a number of our youth to attend summer camp. 
We are a member of the Georgina Chamber of Commerce and we use their resources for community development, information and activities. 
Finally, we know that many of our funders are individual people, parents, community members and partners. Each of whom are critical to ensuring we are able to go the extra mile when giving back to our community. We are exceedingly grateful and thank everyone for their generous donations.